• 8mm Pre Drilled Extreme Garlic & Krill Flavored - Highly Scented Pellets
  • Packed with Natural Oils & Flavours + Secret Ingredients - Flavor Leakage Even in Cold Water
  • Tried & Tested Effective Baiting Method, Great Results with Many Species, A Potential Match Winning Bait
  • Handy Session Sized Resealable Tube - 200mm x 25mm - Approx 80g
  • Supplied in Reusable Plastic Tube, Ideal Storage for Floats and Terminal Tackle.


In house developed bait based on a Red Halibut pellet. Packed with a Unique blend of strong Krilll and Garlic flavoring. An instant response formula that leaks soluble fish protein which are very attractive to coarse fish, especially carp. A potential match winning bait. Supplied in a resealable plastic tube, Eco Friendly re-use for storing floats etc.

Krill & Garlic Extreme Pellets Bait Tube - Pre Drilled Hook Pellets 8mm

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